Gourd Art Competition

SMGS is excited to invite you to the 2023 SMGS Gourd Art Festival. We will again host a Gourd Art Competition and can't wait to see everyone's awesome artistic inspirations. This year's theme is Gourd Tails.

Things to know for 2023...

  • Participants in the 2023 competition may again enter two gourds into each of the competition classes within their division, as well as the classes within the Growers, and Other categories.
  • Participants must choose one division within the Crafted Gourds Category: Young Artist, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, or Masters. Unlimited classes within that category may be entered.
  • All participants may enter unlimited classes in the Growers Category and the Other Category no matter the division of Crafted Gourds they enter.
  • As always, the SMGS Gourd Art competition will be judged by American Gourd Society Certified Judges. Once judging begins, entry categories and classes chosen by participants will stand.
  • First (blue), Second (red), and Third (white) Place awards will be awarded to classes. It is possible for an artist to win two awards in one class if they enter two pieces into that one class.
  • Special Awards for 2023 Festival:
    • The M.E.G.A Award. The Most Enthusiastic Gourd Artist award goes to the participant who enters the most pieces into the competition. Winners will receive MEGA Bucks to be redeemed for purchases at the 2023 Vendor Booths. First place will receive $25 in MEGA Bucks and second place will receive $15 in MEGA Bucks. Participants from any Crafted Gourds division may win this award. Ribbons awarded will only be considered if there is a tie.
    • Best of Show — Artist of the Year (this honor is presented to the artist who creates the 2023 Best of Show)
    • People's Choice
    • Artistic Recognition — 1 award presented for each Crafted Gourd Division: Young Artist, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters.
    • SMGS President's Award
    • SMGS Vice President's Award
    • Springfield Mayor's Award
    • 2023 Grower's Vendor Award
    • 2023 Supplier's Vendor Award
    • Mystery Challenge 
      • Most Humorous
      • Most Creative
      • Best Use of Materials
  • Competition entry fees are
    • SMGS members — $3 per entry (before April 10, 2023)    $5 per entry (at the show)
    • non SMGS members — $5 per entry (before April 10, 2023)   $7 per entry (at the show)