This is an Application Agreement between the Show Me Gourd Society and those parties (private and commercial) who wish to exhibit and/or sell items at the Show Me Gourd Festival, to be held at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center, 3001 N. Grant Springfield, Mo 65803, Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16, 2022. Agreement also covers vendor set-up. 

  1. Vendor set-up is on Thursday, April 13 from noon to 3:30 and Friday, April 14 starting at 8:30 am. The Event Center will be open on Friday for entry processing, competition judging, and vendor/teacher set-up as well as selected workshops only.  Doors open to the public on Saturday 9:00 am–5:30 pm and Sunday, 10:00 am–3:00 pm. 

  2. Vendors are expected to be open for business Saturday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  3. Vendors/exhibitors have from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday, April 16, 2023 to remove all displays and clean up their individual areas of operation.  Early removal of vendor setup is discouraged. 

  4. The Show-Me Gourd Society reserves the right to bar items or exhibits that are deemed hazardous, inappropriate or in bad taste. 

  5. Vendors/exhibitors agree to sell only those items/merchandise described in this application. Vendors/exhibitors shall accept total responsibility for their exhibit area with regards to safety, fire, theft, accident or injury to themselves or the public. The Show-Me Gourd Society highly recommends each Vendor acquire Liability Insurance.  

  6. Cancellations:  Written notice of cancellation must be received from vendor/exhibitor by the Show-Me Gourd Society no later than April 1, 2023.  A $20 processing fee shall be deducted from vendor’s refund.  No refunds after April 1, 2022. 

  7. The Show-Me Gourd Society and Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center assume no responsibility for any property brought onto the premises.  This agreement releases the above parties and their agents from liability because of any loss or damage to such property, whatsoever the cause. 

  8. Should “Acts of God” or other unforeseen calamity cause the festival to be cancelled, immediate notice will be given to all vendors/exhibitors.  A refund of all monies paid in advance will be mailed to vendor/exhibitor within 30 days.  The Show-Me Gourd Society and Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center are totally committed to hosting this event, but shall not be liable for claims of lost profits, business, or any other damage if the festival has to be cancelled or rescheduled. 

  9. Tax Information:  Sales tax in Springfield, Mo is 8.1% (subject to change). It shall be the individual vendor/exhibitor’s legal responsibility to collect and report such tax as appropriate based upon the current published tax rate and laws. Your name will be reported to Missouri Department of Revenue as a participant in our Festival.

  10. As a participant(s) in the Show-Me Gourd Society’s “Show-Me Gourd Art Festival,” April 15–16, 2023 to the extent permitted by law, I(we) hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Show-Me Gourd Society and Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center, Springfield, Mo their agents and employees, against any loss, cost, damage, personal injuries including death, judgment or liability of any kind including legal expenses, arising from or related to acts or omissions of participant(s).

    I have read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Agreement.

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