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The Show-Me Gourd Society (SMGS) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1997. We are the XI Chapter of the American Gourd society (AGS) which oversees more than 25 state chapters in the nation.  Our purpose is to support the arts by promoting the gourd art medium. We do this by encouraging youth and adults to learn about gourd art through our festival workshops, competition, and patch meetings. Our organization is made up of people who love to share their talents with gourds.

Due to domain issues you need to use the website address   showmegourdsociety.org 

Sorry for inconvenience, but the .org site should get you here without delay.

Plan now to join us for our 2022 SMGS Gourd Art Festival: Reunited and it feels so gourd! 

  • April 2-3, 2022
  • Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
    3001 N. Grant Ave. 
    E*Plex West

    Springfield, MO
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Merril McHenry

Gourd Artist of the Year



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