About SMGS

The Show-Me Gourd society (SMGS) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1997. We are the XI Chapter of the American Gourd society (AGS) which oversees more than 25 state chapters in the nation. (Constitiution and Bylaws for SMGS)

Our purpose is to gather together with other like-minded people and share our knowledge and appreciation of gourds. When we started we had just a few members, but lots of enthusiasm and dreams to grow bigger. And we have done a good job of realizing some of those dreams. Currently, we have over 180 members and are immersed in the planning of our next Annual Show-Me Gourd Festival.

Our Board of Directors includes a President, Vice-President, Membership/Treasurer, Secretary, and five other Board Members. We also have a Web Editor and Newsletter Editor. 


Our membership is made up of a diverse group of individuals including artists, growers, crafters, suppliers, and admirers of gourds. We are affectionately known as "gourd heads."

The Show-Me Gourd Society has established gourd patches representing areas from Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. Patches hold meetings as often or as seldom as the members choose.


Gourd Society questions? Contact: Madonna Watermon, SMGS president

 SMGS Website questions? Contact: Lynda Roberson



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