Competition Categories, Divisions, and Entry Classes

How to enter gourd artwork into the 2024 competition:

Competition forms will be posted as soon as available.


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Category 1: Crafted Gourds

Judging Points for ALL Crafted Gourds

  • 50% Workmanship:  skill, technique and attention to detail
  • 40% Creativity:  originality and impact of design; use of color and line; enhancement of gourds natural beauty and shape.
  • 10% Gourd Quality:  gourd variety, size, shape and structure “fit” well with the overall design used.

Crafted Gourds — Young Artist Division (YA)

Crafted Gourds — Novice Division (N)

Crafted Gourds — Intermediate Division (I)

Crafted Gourds — Advanced Division (A)

Crafted Gourds — Masters Division (M)

Category 2: Other

Category 3: Growers

The Growers Category are for entries of gourds in their natural state.

  • Gourds must have been grown by the exhibitor.
  • Gourds must have stems, be mature, and true to type.
  • Gourds must be clean of outer skin, unfinished, and uncut.
  • Gourds must not have any stain, oil, or wax applied to them.

Judging Points for Growers

  • 50% Cultural Perfection: mature, clean, and free of imperfections, such as bug scars, etc.
  • 50% True to Type: represents the ideal shape and size of its type name